The Impeachment Show – Farce and drama in three acts.

Bug-eyes and Sweatyman

The US impeachment hearings have been compelling political theatre.  Even though the outcome is largely pre-determined (the Democrat-led House will vote to impeach, the Republican-led Senate will not vote to convict), they still represent drama and intrigue.  No-one is quite sure who will rise to the occasion, who will sink to new depths of obsequiousness, and who will emerge from anonymity to capture the admiration or ridicule of a nation.  We wonder what preposterous story Republicans will next put forward to either deny or excuse presidential behaviour that for any of the 44 previous presidents would have been an open-and-shut case for impeachment.   We watch in astonishment as the Republicans on the committee argue in favour of their own irrelevance.  And as the domestic and international credibility of the US political system withers.  Fascinating stuff. Continue reading “The Impeachment Show – Farce and drama in three acts.”