This is a repository for comments, essays, articles and other miscellany that may address the following topics of interest:

  • Management (especially as it relates to a new digital economy and the people employed within it)
  • Technology and its role in society (a sceptic’s perspective)
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Politics (especially the circus that is U.S. national politics)
  • Personal financial management
  • Communication
  • Football (i.e. soccer)

The principal enjoyed a long and varied business career.  He is old enough to have flexibility in deciding on the next phase of his productive life, but young enough to reject banishment to the golf course.  Therefore, he’s entering an “otium,” a period of withdrawal from daily business to engage in more valuable or enlightening activities.  In this case, the products of the otium may find their way to the blog.

 His qualifications and/or reasons for writing a blog that touches on the above topics include:

  • 35 years’ experience leading planning, strategy, and corporate/organizational development activities and teams, for global enterprises
  • Financial expertise gained through various financial management and CFO roles, after an MBA in Finance
  • 4 years of strategy and organization consulting within a leading global firm
  • A well-developed curiosity about the puzzling world of US politics, which started during a period of US residence during the Watergate hearings
  • A healthy scepticism of technological “advances,”  and their effects on social and work structures
  • A career-long battle to banish buzzwords and poor grammar from the realm of corporate and personal  communication
  • A British upbringing, which reflects the view that “football isn’t a matter of life and death; it’s much more important that that.”
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